Group training at Encore

Group training

60 different types of group programs under the guidance of international class trainers. We divided the exercises into three basic focal areas based on training load and purpose – Power training (for muscle definition and strength), Energy training (tone and stamina), and Balance (control over body and mind).

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    60 types of exercises

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    Fitness hits and new workouts

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    Special season classes

We dropped methods that had proved ineffective or were outdated and kept the real fitness hits, along with some new workouts. Our huge range means you can try out various exercises and choose the ones that best suit you and that you enjoy.

Functional Barre workouts

Pool exercises with SUP’P balance boards


Universal testing system

Health analysis with latest medical devices and personal workout program planning


Track your sport activities with Myzone

Determine your heart rate with 99,4% accuracy and track the progress of each workout


We are not average, we are phenomenal