About Encore

Encore is everything you imagine the perfect fitness club should be

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Fitness is what we know and do better than anyone else! We do a lot of traveling – learning and always looking out for new ideas and inspiration. This, combined with vast professional expertise and experience, is what enabled us to create the perfect fitness club!

Art Deco
style interior

For you we have created a unique club – something you will appreciate immediately. Its interior design by the architectural offices of Alexander Parkin with huge panoramic windows, natural lighting, and a pool and relaxation area that look like a work of art give you the sense of being in some other, fantasy dimension.

High technology and comfort

Our chief goal is to make your training sessions and your time in Encore as comfortable as possible. Smart exercise machines and club access system, the opportunity to choose the locker you want, use of your card and bracelet as an electronic wallet, the MYZONE system that keeps all your exercise session data, well thought out infrastructure, and convenient location – all this awaits you at Encore!

The Encore Fitness chain was founded in summer 2015 by Irina Kutina, a true professional without whom Russia’s fitness sector would be hard to imagine. Irina is currently the company CEO and its visionary inspiration.

Encore Fitness is the new generation of premium class fitness clubs. The fundamental purpose is to rethink the customary image of the fitness club. In addition to the ideal selection of programs and equipment, particular care is taken with the interior, the relaxation and pool areas, and the integration of new technologies into the infrastructure and training process.

Each club is a unique project, adapted to meet club member requirements to the utmost – smart exercise machines and entry system, the opportunity to choose the locker you want, use of your card and bracelet as an electronic wallet, the MYZONE personal area that keeps all your training session data, a large aquatic and relaxation area, and convenient logistics and location.

The flagship club, with 3,900 sq.m. of floorspace, opened in September 2016 in the OKO Tower to become Moscow City’s largest fitness club. Scale aside, the club stands out for its ingenious design, down to minor detail, in Art Deco style and its spacious 1,200 sq.m. thermal center. The club has 8 fitness areas, including a functional training area, balance studio, Pilates studio, and 25-meter pool.

A second Encore club opened in May 2017 in the new Novoyasenevsky luxury apartment complex in southwest Moscow. Its 2,200 sq.m. floor area will contain 7 fitness areas, including a large modern children’s club and unique drop-shaped pool.

Encore Fitness plans to open more premium fitness clubs in Russia and abroad.

We are not average, we are phenomenal